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The Net Worth of a Homeowner is 44x Greater Than A Renter!

 Monday August 20th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Move-Up Buyers, Rent vs. Buy Every three years, the Federal Reserve conducts their Survey of Consumer Finances in which they collect data across all economic and social groups. Their latest survey data, covering 2013-2016 was recently released. The study revealed that the median net worth of a homeowner was $231,400 – a 15%…
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The Cost of Waiting: Interest Rates Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

 Friday August 17th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Infographics, Interest Rates, Move-Up Buyers Some Highlights: Interest rates are projected to increase steadily heading into 2019. The higher your interest rate, the more money you end up paying for your home and the higher your monthly payment will be. Rates are still low right now – don’t wait until…
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Housing Market: Another Gigantic Difference Between 2008 and 2018

 Thursday August 16th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, For Sellers, Housing Market Updates, Move-Up Buyers Some are attempting to compare the current housing market to the market leading up to the “boom and bust” that we experienced a decade ago. They look at price appreciation and conclude that we are on a similar trajectory, speeding toward another housing…
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Have You Outgrown Your Starter Home?

 Tuesday August 14th, 2018  For Buyers, For Sellers, Housing Market Updates, Move-Up Buyers For many Americans, buying their first home is their first taste of achieving part of the American Dream. There is a sense of pride that comes along with owning your own home and building your family’s wealth through your monthly mortgage payment. It may seem hard…
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Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home? Competition Is Coming!

 Monday August 13th, 2018  For Buyers, For Sellers, Move-Up Buyers The number of building permits issued for single-family homes is the best indicator of how many newly built homes will rise over the next few months. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Residential Sales Report, the number of building permits issued in June was 850,000,…
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The Wave of Millennial Homebuyers Continues to Swell

 Wednesday August 8th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Millennials, Rent vs. Buy Many have written about the millennial generation and whether or not they, as a whole, believe in homeownership as a part of attaining their American Dream. Comparatively speaking, millennials have taken longer to obtain traditional milestones (like getting married, having kids and buying a home)…
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Millionaire to Millennials: Owning Your Home Can Help You Retire Sooner!

 Monday August 6th, 2018  First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Millennials, Move-Up Buyers, Rent vs. Buy In a CNBC article, self-made millionaire David Bach explained that: “Buying a home is the escalator to wealth in America. Homeownership can also help you retire early, that is, if you pay your mortgage off.”  Bach suggests that homebuyers should, “Take out a 30-year mortgage, but with the…
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Are Lending Standards Propping Up Home Prices?

 Thursday August 2nd, 2018  For Buyers, For Sellers, Housing Market Updates, Move-Up Buyers Back in 2005, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan described the dramatic increases in residential real estate values as a “froth in housing markets.” Greenspan went on to say: “The increase in the prevalence of interest-only loans and the introduction of more-exotic forms of adjustable-rate mortgages are developments of particular concern…some…
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Buying Is Now 26.3% Cheaper Than Renting in the US

 Wednesday August 1st, 2018  Buying Myths, First Time Home Buyers, For Buyers, Housing Market Updates, Move-Up Buyers, Rent vs. Buy The results of the latest Rent vs. Buy Report from Trulia show that homeownership remains cheaper than renting, with a traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage, in 98 of the 100 largest metro areas in the United States. In the six years that Trulia has conducted this study,…
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You Need an Agent Who Will Always Put You First

 Tuesday July 31st, 2018  For Buyers, For Sellers, FSBOs Whether you are a rookie homebuyer or have gone through the process many times, having a local real estate expert who is well versed in the neighborhood you are looking to move to, as well as the trends of that area, should be your goal while home shopping. One great example…
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