Investor Advantage

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Buy More Investment Properties 

This program is meant to help Investors keep growing their business without having to jump through a million hurdles to get a mortgage.

No Income Or Employment Verification

With this program you don’t have to show us  any income. So even if you wrote off a significant amount of your income on your taxes it doesn’t matter to us.


Only 25% down is required, unless it is your first invesment property then you will need 30% down. You also don’t need any reserves, just the down payment and closing costs.  

Investment Properties Only

This program is only for Investment properties only. It is meant to be a tool for investors who are looking to grow their portfolio without having to deal with the normal mortgage process.

NO Property Limit

There is no limit on how many properties you own or properties you have financed. NO LIMIT whatsoever, which allows you to keep purchasing investment properties.

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Other Features

1. Minimum Loan Amount of $100,000.
2. Minimum FICO Score of 640.
3. 3/1 ARM or 7/1 ARM with Interest Only Options as well. 
4. Single Family Residences, Multi-Family, Condos.
5. Can close in a LLC.